Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Obama Lacks The Change Lincoln Was Known For

Barack Obama has been under a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. It is critical for Americans to know everything about who they elect. We need to know who they surround themselves with, and also need to know what they believe in order to know what really makes the candidate the candidate they say they are.

One candidate, Obama, has brought back to light the racial tensions that still separate this country. His whole candidacy is built on "change," and how he would unite America in many ways. Unfortunately, Barack brought a change that this country has been trying to ratify for many years. While Obama has not taken a formal stance on changing the racial issue, Abraham Lincoln was well known for his stance.

Stephen Douglas made the observation that Lincoln "holds that the negro was born his equal and yours, and that he was endowed with equality be the Almighty, and that no human law can deprive him of these rights, which were guaranteed to him by the Supreme Ruler of the Universe." How profound is it to be known by the people how you stand on an issue? In a time when the nation was needing to be united, one man running for the office of President took a stand and made change happen. How is it, now that the people know what Barack studied on a spiritual level, that he could be elected?

Unity is what this country needs. It needs to be united in supporting the troops and their efforts. It needs to be united in the downsizing of our government, and controlling the way they spend our money. It needs to be united in decreasing taxes. Also, it needs to be united on the race issue instead of supporting the possibility that we may face a civil war on whites versus blacks. That would allow us to take our attention away from the borders, and the security thereof, allowing this country to be taken over by illegals.

Barack Obama is in opposition to all the right "change" America needs. Be a VOICE for the right change.

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