Sunday, July 26, 2009

ObamaCare Seen Offensive by Some

As more and more people read their way through HR 3200, the health care reform bill, the more scrutinizing it undergoes. Off the start it has been offensive to the young and old alike. Now, it is seen offensive by those who are intellectually challenged.

The term written into the bill is mentally retarded, and many people have taken offense to the term. This leaves many to ask it's political correctness.

As it is widely accepted by many medical professionals, it is those that it represents that are left asking, "Why not choose a better term?"

In search of a politically correct term for mentally retarded, medical professionals throughout, accept the term as correct. Others challenge the term as to the context in which it is used, while some are left along the sidelines arguing among themselves as to which term is more correct than the other.

Contextually speaking, here is how it is written on pages 389-390:

"CERTAIN OTHER INDIVIDUALS. -- In the case of an individual who is a full-benefit dual eligible individual and with respect to whom there has been a determination that but for the provision of home and community based care (whether under section 1915, 1932, or under a waiver under section 1115) the individual would require the level of care provided in a hospital or a nursing facility or intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded the cost of which could be reimbursed under the State plan under title XIX, the elimination of any beneficiary coinsurance described in section 1860D-2(b)(2) (for all amounts through the total amount of expenditures at which benefits are available under section 1860D–2(b)(4)).".

With that, it still leaves many asking, "Is that the best term to use?" While many are not challenged with this disability, those that are diagnosed with or know someone who has been diagnosed with are among the ones offended. It also leaves the question open that, "If there are so many politically correct terms to use, is this the best term to cover the widest array of individuals?"

With a little more time on hand, answers to these questions, and many more, may be either answered or re-written as it appears that neither Congress or the Senate will have enough time to pass HR 3200 before they go to recess.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama Health Care Reform or Elderly Genocide

Spanning all media outlets, President Obama's health care reform plan, H.R. 3200, is being dissected left and right. One person, Betsy McCaughey raises a largely controversial topic not being talked about by many.

Betsy claims to have read the entire 1000+ pages, not once but twice. A claim that most, if not all in Congress or the Senate can say they have read it once.

McCaughey raises the notion that in the highly debated reform, the elderly are silently attacked. On pages 425 through 430, a strategic mission to clear elderly comes in a simple idea of government aided death. A term that could be called Elderly Genocide.

In the bill it is read another way, "Advance Care Planning Consultation." The term basically means that when you are classed as elderly, you will be required to consult with a/your practitioner. Within the consultation, the practitioner must explain "key questions and considerations, important steps, and suggested people to talk to." Also, "an explanation by the practitioner of advance directives, including living wills and durable powers of attorney, and their uses."

All of that is great when it comes to knowing and understanding important issues. However, when you do become classed as elderly, it is very important to know and understand that your care will be VERY limited and controlled by the State. The question of whether you live or die then becomes debated by a group of practitioners appointed by the State. You no longer have the choice to fight for your life or not, thus we have Elderly Genocide.

Even if you are allowed to fight, if deemed so by the practitioners, everything is run through a review by other health professionals who will then sign off, along with a FULL explanation of their decision. It isn't until then that the level of treatment comes into play, which is also highly rationed. "The use of antibiotics, and the use of artificially administered nutrition and hydration," is just a taste as to what you could or couldn't expect. After all, with this Elderly Genocide you don't have the choice of life.

Even if you are expected to die by a terminal illness, YOU don't get the choice. YOU don't even get the choice to die without pain.

* * * Personal Note * * *

I have talked about this but only once before, but five years ago my mother passed away of breast cancer that migrated into her bones. Her struggle went on for a total of nine years. Doctors were permitted to perform many, many tests and actions to either help aid in the removal of the cancers or the removal of her pain. It is my personal fear that under the health care reform plan President Obama is attempting to rush through, would not allow these freedoms for anyone given a difficult test to life.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Walter Cronkite - Gone at 92

Breaking news across all waves of media, Walter Cronkite has passed away at the age of 92. Pioneering almost everything for TV media, 'the most trusted man' has lived a legendary life. Walter Cronkite has been an inspiration throughout the years, and will continue to inspire individuals in the future.

Walter Cronkite, may you truly rest in peace.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Czar-mania; Obama Appoints Who to What?

Lately, there is a lot of buzz swarming the air, both radio and television, about czar this and czar that. This is not a history lesson about the word czar. It is a list of those who have been appointed to positions that hold Obama's czar title. Who they are, and what qualifies them to hold the position or not.

Please keep in mind that the majority of the information provided here is from their bios on Wikipedia. It is not an in depth analysis of each czar, but just a few interesting facts.

Determine for yourself if these are who you want making decisions in the area they are responsible for.

Aneesh Chopra - Technology Czar
Secretary of Treasury for Virginia
Majority of his career has been spent in the health care industry.

Gil Kerlikowski - Drug Czar
B.A. and M.A. in Criminal Justice
Had a long career held in law enforcement.

TBD - Copyright Czar

Carol Browner - Energy Czar
Administrator of the EPA during the Clinton Administration.
Member of Socialist International
Has a long career tied to environmental issues.
Is married to Thomas Joseph Downey, which is head of a lobbying firm that is heavily involved in energy policy.

Ed Montgomery - Car Czar
Dean of University of Maryland
Served as Chief Economist of US Department of Labor, then as Deputy Secretary of Labor.

Gary Samore - Terrorism/WMD Czar
Served as Senior Director of National Security Council.
Was a veteran arms control negotiator for the Clinton Administraion.

Nancy Ann DeParle - Health Care Czar
Director of the Health Care Financing Administration under the Clinton Administration.
She then served on corporate boards where she was paid more than $6 million by companies that faced federal investigations that had a stake in health care reform.

TBD - Education Czar

Paul Volcker - Economic Czar
Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1979 - 1987.
Has a history of being chairman of numerous investment banking firms.

TBD - Mortgage Czar

Adolfo Carrion - Urban Affairs/Housing Czar
Holds a full career of city-level work.

Daniel Fried - Guantanomo Closure Czar
Career laden in foreign affairs/policy.

Cameron Davis - Great Lakes Czar
Leader of a Chicago-based environmentalist group, Alliance for the Great Lakes, that was appointed by head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson.

Earl Devaney - Stimulus Accountability Czar
Started his career in law enforcement, that led him to become Secret Service Special Agent-in-Charge of Fraud Division.

Melissa Hathaway - Cyberspace Czar
Spent the majority of her career in cyber security.

Alan Bersin - Border Czar
Served as Attorney General's Southwest border representative from 1995 - 1998.
Was appointed to Superintendent of Public Education in San Diego City Schools in 1998.
In 2005, was appointed as California's Education Secretary.

Admiral Dennis Blair - Intelligence Czar
Highly decorated Naval Admiral.

Cass Sunstein - Regulatory Czar
A legal scholar specializing in constitutional law, administrative law, environmental law, and behavioral economics.
Has written many books, some of which are looked at as controversial.

Kenneth Fiendberg - Pay Czar
Specializes in mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

Dennis Ross - Iran Czar & Mideast Policy Czar
Was a Middle East envoy under the Clinton Administraion.
Has a long history of foreign policy experience.

Herb Allison - TARP Czar
Served as President and CEO of Fannie Mae.
Was an associate in the investment banking division of Merrill Lynch before becoming a director of the New York Stock Exchange.

George Mitchell - Middle East Peace Czar
As Senate Majority Leader from 1989 - 1995, he helped reauthorize the Clean Air Act, North American Free Trade Agreement, and help form the World Trade Organization.
He has lobbied on behalf of Big Tobacco companies, and led the investigation on steriod use in baseball.

John Holdren - Science Czar
Holds a PhD in Plasma Physics.
He has written numerous papers and articls,and lectured extensively on climate change.

Van Jones - Green Jobs Czar
President and founder of GreenForAll.
Was a founder and leader of Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement(STORM).
He is a self-proclaimed communist and activist.

Richard Holbrooke - Afghanistan Czar
He has a full career of foreign policy work.
He also was considered a candidate for Secretary of State by both Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.

J. Scott Gration - Sudan Czar
Has a long, highly decorated career in the Air Force.

Vivek Kundra - Information Czar
She is recognized for working in developing programs to spur open source applications, as well as cloud-based web applications.

Jeffrey Crowley - AIDS Czar
According to the White House, his primary area of expertise is in Medicaid/Medicare policy including Medicaid prescription drug policy.

Joshua DuBois - Faith-Based Czar
He is a political activist turned minister.
He has worked in the office of Representative Charles Rangle, and worked as a Senate aide to then Senator Barack Obama.

Todd Stern - Climate Czar
He acted as the senior White House negotiator at the Kyoto Protocol, which aims at controling greenhouse gases.

Well, there you have it. Who they are, and what qualifications they have, or don't have, to handle their appointed positions.

If you ask, many people would be alarmed as to how UNqualified the majority of these appointees are, let alone why we need some of them anyways. However, when you really think about it. This could be the sort of job creation President Obama has promised.

What's more scary is that he may not be done creating Czar positions.


Obama's Health Plan Organization Chart

With so many people in Washington D.C. trying to push through President Obama's health care plan, the talking heads decided to take the time to make what they call the "Organizational Chart of the House Democrat's Health Plan."

As with most anything that comes out of Washington, confusion sets in when trying to figure out the chart. By the looks of it, President Obama may need to look for a Flow Chart Czar to analyze and report on it.

If by chance you have the time, from now until it is ram-rodded down the throats of taxpayers, please take the time to offer an explanation.

Click image to expand chart.

Thanks to for picture.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Taxation with Obama as Representation

Lately, there have been many peaceful groups of people displaying their displeasure with the Obama administration, and the obvious direction in which he is taking this country. With the heaping amounts of legislation he has pushed through under the cover of darkness, large amounts of people are left wondering how all of it will be paid for. With enormous amounts of money borrowed for bailouts, stimulus payouts, big-business prop-ups, and one-for-all health care; who could blame them?

So, the number one question seems to be: How will this all be paid for? Is it not obvious? TAXES! But, President Obama ran his campaign on the notion of not raising taxes, but giving tax breaks. So, how can the Obama administration give tax breaks, but still pay off his 'inherited' debt? TAXES!

The Kansas City Star recently posted an article about a new way to tax citizens. Coming by way, not of a fuel consumption tax, but by way a by-the-mile tax.

The University of Iowa has been field testing a device, monitored by a Global Positioning System (GPS), that tracks how many miles you drive. With the aid of a $16 million federal grant, the University of Iowa have ironed out enough wrinkles to the point that they are beginning to send out 'simulated' monthly tax bills.

What about all the 'green' vehicles and 'green' standards being forced down the throats of the auto-makers? Take for instance the little electric things that will soon flood the highways. They don't use fuel in the form of gas, so the government must collect theirs some way. And this is just the way they plan to do so.

What about other ways to collect tax money? In desperate times, many call for desperate measures, which could help push the idea to tax Internet purchases.

All of this comes as the Obama administration will soon search for, and be on the look-out, for new and less exciting ways to collect taxes when they promised they wouldn't raise them. It may be true that they won't raise them, but over-taxation will soon consume the pay-out column on your check.


Friday, July 3, 2009

The Fourth of July; Cause for Celebration

More than a special day set aside for family bar-b-que dinners, and more than a day full of fireworks, but a day of reflection and celebration of a nation commemorating the immense faith and courage from the Founding Fathers in pursuit of something greater, a declaration for independence.

Standing the tests of time to date, the Declaration of Independence continues to invoke a certain passion in the people of America.

Ask someone to start reciting, and they start with, "We hole these truths to be . . ." As important as it is to know what the Declaration of Independence is, it is equally important to know how it truely starts out. That is where the document reaches its climax, and drives home an intimate sense of passion.

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."

So, when you sit down at the table and start passing around the ribs and baked beans, take an extra second to think about what the Fourth of July is, a cause for celebration.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

North Korea Fires Two Short-Range Missiles

South Korean news agencies are reporting breaking news of North Korea testing two short-range missiles off its eastern coast.

Yonhap News Agency of Seoul, South Korea is reporting that North Korea fired two ground-to-ship short-range missiles off their eastern coast.

South Korean defense ministry spokesman Won Tae-jae said, "One was fired at 5:20 p.m. and the other at 6:00 p.m. from Sinsang-ni."