Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Taxation with Obama as Representation

Lately, there have been many peaceful groups of people displaying their displeasure with the Obama administration, and the obvious direction in which he is taking this country. With the heaping amounts of legislation he has pushed through under the cover of darkness, large amounts of people are left wondering how all of it will be paid for. With enormous amounts of money borrowed for bailouts, stimulus payouts, big-business prop-ups, and one-for-all health care; who could blame them?

So, the number one question seems to be: How will this all be paid for? Is it not obvious? TAXES! But, President Obama ran his campaign on the notion of not raising taxes, but giving tax breaks. So, how can the Obama administration give tax breaks, but still pay off his 'inherited' debt? TAXES!

The Kansas City Star recently posted an article about a new way to tax citizens. Coming by way, not of a fuel consumption tax, but by way a by-the-mile tax.

The University of Iowa has been field testing a device, monitored by a Global Positioning System (GPS), that tracks how many miles you drive. With the aid of a $16 million federal grant, the University of Iowa have ironed out enough wrinkles to the point that they are beginning to send out 'simulated' monthly tax bills.

What about all the 'green' vehicles and 'green' standards being forced down the throats of the auto-makers? Take for instance the little electric things that will soon flood the highways. They don't use fuel in the form of gas, so the government must collect theirs some way. And this is just the way they plan to do so.

What about other ways to collect tax money? In desperate times, many call for desperate measures, which could help push the idea to tax Internet purchases.

All of this comes as the Obama administration will soon search for, and be on the look-out, for new and less exciting ways to collect taxes when they promised they wouldn't raise them. It may be true that they won't raise them, but over-taxation will soon consume the pay-out column on your check.

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