Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Middle-class success depends on the middle-class

In yet another recent speech given by the Democratic presidential hopeful, Barack Obama, he discussed his "plan" to help the middle-class succeed. So, just how does he propose to help advance the middle-class?

"As we help families deal with rising costs, we also have to help those families who find themselves mired in debt. Since so many who are struggling to keep up with their mortgages are now shifting their debt to credit cards, we have to make sure that credit cards don't become the next stage in the housing crisis because, once again, we failed to establish basic rules and oversight to protect consumers from predatory lending.

To make sure that Americans know what they're signing up for, I'll institute a five-star rating system to inform consumers about the level of risk involved in every credit card. And we'll establish a Credit Card Bill of Rights that will ban unilateral changes to credit card agreements; ban rate hikes on debt you already had; and ban interest charges on late fees. Americans need to pay what they owe, but you should pay what's fair, not just what fattens profits for some credit card company and they can get away with."

What does Barack want? He wants to regulate companies as to the rates they charge to lend you money. He wants to regulate companies via the government?

"The same principle should apply to our bankruptcy laws. When I'm President, we'll reform our bankruptcy laws so that we give Americans who find themselves in debt a second chance."

The plain and simple fact that no one should have to file for bankruptcy is where we should be working towards. Not giving people a second chance. When the majority of the people filing for bankruptcy are doing it for no other reason that to get what they couldn't afford without any penalty, why then should we be working towards laws that give them a second chance rather than working to make the laws much more difficult?

"But even as we take these steps, we also know that it's not enough to just get families back on their feet. We need to help hardworking families get ahead. We need to help the middle-class succeed because that's when our economy succeeds. That's why the third step in my agenda is to give families the help they need to build that nest egg and provide a better life for their children.

To make saving easier, we'll automatically enroll every worker in a workplace pension plan that stays with you from job to job. And for working families who earn under$75,000, we will start that nest egg for you by matching 50 percent of the first $1,000 you save and depositing it directly into your account."

Obama wants to force workers into pension plans, not letting that worker choose for themselves. Also, he wants the government to give you money to start a savings account. Where would he get the money to do this? Simple. Taking from those who he increases the taxes on, and redistributing it.

"To make a college education affordable for every American family, I'll make this promise to every student - your country will offer you $4,000 and year of tuition if you offer your country community or national service when you graduate."

Where would he get the money to do this? Simple. Taking from those who he increases the taxes on, and redistributing it.

"You know, the Americans I've met over the last sixteen months in town halls, and living rooms; on farms and front porches - they may come from differnt places and have different backgrounds, but they hold common hopes and dream the same simple dreams. They know government can't solve all their problems, and they don't expect it to. They believe in personal responsibility, and hard work, and self-reliance. They don't like seeing their tax dollars wasted."

That's right, those are his words from the same speech. He offers many different things that he will do to redistribute tax money to those who have problems to try to solve them, even though he knows that "the Americans he's met" know that the "government can't solve all their problems." The personal responsibility of Americans would be thrown out by electing Barack Obama because of the programs he would impose. The wasted tax dollars, would be redistributed to others just like in a communist state. Self-reliance, out the door while waiting for your next check from the government.

Closing on Barack Obama's campaign rhetoric: "CHANGE."

After all, change is all you will have if Obama is elected.

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