Thursday, October 23, 2008

FREE SPEECH: Already at War!

For many years now, Freedom of Speech has been tried and tested. Everyday it is tested in schools, courts, and most recently the media.

Wikipedia defines free speech as: "The freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation."

In the blog world, RealClearPolitics is used and searched through daily by many looking to express their right to free speech. So how does RCP and free speech start an impending war against each other?

Recently, two posters have been voicing their concern to RCP for either not allowing their posts to be posted or allowing their posts only to remove them without any communication to the poster. Specifically, who are these two?

Roger's letter to RCP alleges that:

There have been allegations made, mostly rumors, but enough of them to be troubling, that RCP is actually being monitored by an Obama agent, and that if anything overly critical about the Obamas is posted to RCP it will be immediately taken down.

In Mr. Gardner's fight to keep free speech alive, he noticed that a post that questions Obama's birth certificate legitimacy had been one of those removed. In response, and defense of independantvoter, he has links posted on his site and re-submitted to RCP.

There could be much made regarding Obama's legitimacy with his birth certificate, and if RCP is being monitored by an Obama agent, one would wonder.

There has been great concern regarding this very issue, and RCP has a right as a media outlet to allow these posts to be allowed. As citizens of this country, we have a right to know who we are electing and whether they are Constitutionally allowed to be elected. With Obama failing to produce proper evidence, it is of great concern to know.

Please take the time and sift through the compelling case against Barack Obama using the links provided earlier. This is vital to the protection of America as a nation and the people there of.

If you are a victim in the war against free speech, please feel free to post comments, concerns, and links. Freedom of Speech is a divine gift and should not be tested.

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bayathena said...

I posted a piece on the Fitzgerald investigation into Rezko with a reference to Obama a few weeks ago.

This week I posted a piece critical of Obama. Both disappeared.

Emails to RCP have not been answered.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Roger wrote to RCP on my behalf. I've posted many times on the Berg lawsuit and the MO/African Press International situation. Lately, they are always taken down.

Then I posted on my Senator's explanation as to why the Senate has not spoken out about Obama's citizenship. The title was Can
We Raise Holy Hell? Apparently Not. It was removed also.

The last two days, my posts have stayed up.

I will really hate losing RCP, if that in fact happens.

The Lonely Conservative said...

I have seen that some posts from MaggiesNotebook have been removed. I've had problems where they've posted the time of my post about 12 hours earlier than it was posted, thereby immediately pushing it off the "recently submitted" page immediately.

DanielS said...

I have also had an article not get posted recently, and prior to that had one posted with the wrong "time stamp."

This is the reason I decided to post this article. I got disgusted when I found out I wasn't the only one. It also frustrated me because I am such a strong proponent for free speech.

Truely this is a violation!

not a dem anymore said...

They remove a post I put up every now and then. Today I couldn't sign in to vote. My password wouldn't work. I got a new one from RCP, it wouldn't work. I had to register under another name and e-mail.
30yrdem was what I used there.

DanielS said...

This post was removed by RCP after getting 12 or more votes sometime in the middle of the night!

I will be contacting RCP!

Roger W. Gardner said...

Thank you for your support. RCP is of tremendous value to us as bloggers, which is precisely why we have to trust their integrity. Thie is I believe a truly 'big story' that involves a lot more than just us bloggers.
Thanks again.
Roger G.