Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Imagination of a Conservative Mind

A conservative mind is always at work, whether in deep intense thought or in great imagination. In a sense, one must understand their intensity of thought by using an imagination.

First, it might help in order to define imagination. Imagination can be defined as a process of forming mental images that are not present at the time. It is a process of thought, that over time, can be allowed to solve problems.

An imagination has helped people in times of need. It has also helped form a nation. That nation being the United States of America. You may ask yourself how that could be.

It was certainly the imagination of our Founding Fathers, as they would not have taken the risk without taking time to imagine a place on Earth that would offer such prosperity and growth. The freedoms this nation has enjoyed since its inception, owe itself to an imagination.

These Fathers imagined what it would be like to live where all would be separate and equal, all endowed with Rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Their imagination led to a complete thought process.

The power of an imagination must be harnessed as a conservative. This must lead to a thought process to bring to increase what some refer to as “conservatives in exile.”

Conservatives are not in exile, just consumed with thoughts. Now is the time to express those thoughts.

What are your thoughts?

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