Thursday, January 22, 2009

Presidents BlackBerry A Hackers Delight

President Barack Obama was granted the use of a new BlackBerry that would allow him to remain in contact with select family and personnel, but will also test the will of hackers world-wide.

As a small victory, President Obama is clinging to his new BlackBerry. Presidents in the past, have not been granted this privilege, even not using e-mail for it could be subpoenaed.

However, the true test is the security that has been encrypted into this phone to ensure its super-secure abilities.

Telecom analyst Roger Entner told the International Herald Tribune, "The moment it becomes known that Barack Obama uses his BlackBerry, you know that a significant share of Russia's signal intelligence and China's signal intelligence and cyber intelligence budgets will be targeted to break it."

This will not be limited to nations, friend or foe, but will be sought after by hackers world-wide to get some piece of information from the President.

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Critical Thinker said...

This dude needs to realize he isn't the head of some law firm who needs to stay in contact with clients and partners. He is the freaking POTUS! Every swinging sausage and bad guy is going to want a crack at this and if the law of averages is correct, someone will hack it eventually. He is nuts and naieve when it comes to national security.

Steven said...

'The One' has two heavily modified 747-200 with hardened electronics, a communications bunker at the White House and a complete staff of people to handle every detail. Now we have to foot the bill for a BLACKBERRY so he can text his buddies?


Anonymous said...

Having a black berry will help keep him form being isolated, and he knows full well that anything he writes on it is likely to be front page news so undoubtably he will be circumspect