Monday, June 15, 2009

North Korea Flirts With Danger

For the past few months, North Korea has defied all, and chose to flirt with danger. They have tested short-range missles, long-range missles, and most of all, nuclear weapons. So what could be made from this?

First things first, Kim Jong-il will fnd any way to flex them ancient issue muscles of his any which way he can. Some may see his flexing as a way to sell his technology to other countries, such as Iran. Who would have ever thought that one could use the nightly news as a way to deliver their infomercial pitch?

Another way to flex those shrivled-up masses could be viewed to pave the way for his successor, Kim Jong-Un. If this was the case, it would set up Jong-Un to continue the regime of terror, without any hope for reform. Reform so desperately needed by the people of North Korea.

With all of that being said, what is the next step for the suffering people of North Korea? The mass of weight would fall on China to pressure the unstable regime in North Korea. How do we do that? Excellent question considering we are at the mercy of China ourselves. We screwed ourselves when we got on our knees to China and asked for trillions of dollars to bail out the nation. It seems that all we can do is sit back and watch.

But what about those who say we should strategically shoot down certain sites and missles in North Korea? Does that really sound all that smart? Cause more turmoil in an already suffering peninsula? Wouldn't it just be easier to shoot our own feet?

In reality, it seems that the only real hope for the people of North Korea would be in Kim Jong-Un. He must be the one to change the course. He must be the one to help his people.

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