Monday, March 24, 2008

Barack Obama's Great Abate

When a country that already stands divided, you don't look for someone to lead this country even further apart. Barack Obama stands to do just that is elected. With all do respect, it is wonderful that the racial divide has tried to be severed with this election. The intention of unifying the country on those terms is grand in itself. The racial divide is one that has been prevalent in this nation since its beginnings. The problem with Obama on this issue, is that he has surrounded himself with radicals. Had he not been a part of what they stand for, he very well could have been the one credited with nullifying the separation of race in America.

It is very unfortunate that so many people would have been a part of election that chose the racist candidate. Imagine, that in the next few years, children read about this event in their history books. Instead of having them read about how this great nation was united as one. All things considered, it is called the UNITED States of America, not the Racially Divided States of America.

With close consideration also, that Obama has risen above so many challenges that one could be faced with. He has now taken this forward moving country, and driven them back to the times before the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. That was his message. One of unity. There have been a few people put Obama on the same level with Abraham Lincoln, as it relates to how well he can deliver a speech. That may be true in that case, but Lincoln forged ahead and began a process of unification. A country divided in war, and a country divided in race. That is were they differ. Obama has done nothing but lengthen the strides we have made in the war on race, and has also divided the country with the war we are fighting in Iraq.

There is no question that Obama can well deliver a speech. Many people have. Although, many people do not fill their message with useless junk. Obama did just that when he gave the speech on his church, and also when he talked about the five year anniversary of the war. To go back just a little in comparison with Abraham Lincoln; Lincoln delivered some of the greatest speeches in history. Take a look at his Gettysburg Address. It comprised more in meaning and message in the ten or eleven sentences that comprised it than any of the long winded speeches Barack has given put together.

Abraham Lincoln got things done. He made things happen before running for President, and everything he did was with the idea and hope that it would progress this great nation. What has Obama done? What has Barack done to unite this country? What "CHANGE" has he made? Most of America wants to know what he has done, and not what he would do. Most of America does want change. Does America want what Barack Obama would give it? Some would say yes, until his change was real and then would be the first to rebuke him. It happens all the time in the media.

There comes a time when man reaches the peak of a mountain and realizes there is nowhere to go but down. Barack reached his summit a long time ago and is now on a continual downfall. It seems to say that America is now starting to figure out who and what Barack Obama is and stands for. America does not need to be known worldwide for having a "Black Value System," but rather "the United States of America Value System."

Thomas Jefferson said to "Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." Now that the mass of the people are becoming more informed and educated about Obama, it is time to ensure that the liberty of this great country is preserved and not ripped apart.

Stand for a brighter future and be a VOICE for what this nation needs.

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