Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The M&M Factor

In a time when most election coverage is focused on the race between Clinton and Obama, many republicans and conservatives join together to plan on how McCain will be the next President of the United States. With the race on the democratic side so tight between the candidates, it allows the McCain team to sit down and make a decision on who will share the ticket with him. It also allows McCain to not look as bad as he would if he had to dig up the truth about them.

One name I am sure is being tossed around the McCain team is Mitt Romney. Mitt is the most viable VP nominee on many different terms. One term being that Mr. Romney wound up with more delegates than Mr. Huckabee, and he stayed in until McCain was awarded the nomination. Romney's name is well known among the people, and he also has a well known economic record. A downfall for the McCain campaign.

McCain's biggest positive is his stance on the fight against radicals. His record on this issue can not be debated, as he was the largest advocate on the surge in Iraq. Romney has been supportive of McCain on this, and it was more evident in a recent interview with Sean Hannity when he said "that Senator McCain focused his message on a completely new course from what was happening in Iraq, saying that Secretary Rumsfeld's course was wrong, that we needed a new strategy there, that included a surge in troops. . . and the surge has been successful."

Interestingly enough, Romney also said, "I think it is important for him to be the president, because I think he would do the critical things that have to be done, and they are reform our retirement system, reign in government spending, rid our dependence of foreign oil, improve our education system so that our kids really can compete globally." Another thing that supports a McCain-Romney ticket, and that is their stance on controlling government spending. McCain has fought many years to end earmarks and equally important to end lobbying and to make it illegal. Romney has been, and would be a huge advocate to help make it a reality. Being able to minimize the government and rid the halls of those working solely for the benefit of big businesses as a team would send a message to the world.

In the idea of sending a message to the world, that choice just might come in the form of a phone call at 3:00 a.m. Romney said it best when he said this:

"Yes, you look at that ad, the red phone ad, that was the best ad that the McCain campaign could have ever hoped for, because listening to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama talking about experience in a national security crisis is like listening to two Chihuahuas arguing about which is the biggest dog. When it comes to national security, John McCain is the big dog, and that are each the Chihuahua.

And I think when we talk more and more about their battle with one another, focused on the fact that neither one has real experience with the issues of our time, that will only augur for his benefit."

Comical, yes. Brutally honest, yes. Neither one of them is qualified to handle the security of this nation. Obama has not one qualification to be the next president. Speaking about change is not a qualification, but a record of making changes for the betterment of the people is. Hillary has an idea that because her husband was president, that qualifies her. How wrong she is. She has been out trying to steal delegates from her opponent, only to be gaining the support of a person who has been paying for the use of prostitutes. What type of record is it when you not only have that kind of support, but also have the support from your husband who was in a sex scandal himself. That is definitely not the experience we need in a leader of this great nation.

The type of leader that we need is one found in John McCain, with the assistance of Mitt Romney. The M&M factor is what this America needs. VOICE the right change for an M&M ticket.

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Steve Lewis said...

I like M&M's. I agree that if they were to run together that would be the best chance this country would have for the next 4 to 8 years to rebound back to a strong unified nation. This nation doesn't need a radical slanderer or a mud slinging power monger for president. Both of whom have very little credibility in just being senators.

Daniel said...

Um. Huckabee has more delegates than Romney and Huckabee is the one who stayed in the race until McCain clenched the nomination. I don't think I can vote for McCain if he chooses Romney as his VP.

181ldspowerlifter said...

At the time this article was written Daniel, Romney had more delegates. I am interested to know who you would like to see on the ticket with McCain.

Anonymous said...

Romney can bring nothing to the table, but negatives. He cannot win MA in November (after all, he could not even win a second term as governor); he could not win NH (lost it in the primary even though he has a second home there) or any other NE state; he could not help win the south (he came in third in those states and would, in fact, detract from the ticket among the millions of christian voters in those "must win" states). He is viewed as a flip-flopper, and a man who cannot be trusted on social issues. He will send potential independents and cross-over Democrats packing, because he fits every sterotype they have of an arrogant, rich, white Republican who could care less about middle America. His corporate experience translates into more job losses in their eyes. So, what does Romney have to offer? Nothing but negatives.

Anonymous said...

A majority of Americans had the opportunity to select the Republican Presidential Nominee by the end of Super Tuesday, and the results were very interesting. John McCain won 13 states, Mitt Romney won 11, and Mike Huckabee won 8. If you give the plurality vote of West Virginia to Romney, it was 13-12-7.

Also interestingly, Mike Huckabee won not a single battleground state except Arkansas, which he would handily lose to Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup. Romney, on the other hand, won Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, and came in a close 2nd in California and Florida. Can you imagine a better chance for the Republicans to take California's electoral votes than McCain-Romney???

Finally, Romney ended his unsuccessful campaign with 4 million votes to McCain's 4.7 million, while Huckabee barely broke 1 million. With a representative 90% of the Republican electorate voting in favor of a McCain-Romney ticket, I'll be amazed if McCain selects anyone else.

P.S. to Daniel - Huckabee does have more delegates than Romney, since Romney already released his 30 Michigan delegates to McCain. Factor them back in and Huckabee couldn't match Romney's votes, delegates, or state victories. Ah, those pesky little facts...