Monday, February 9, 2009

The Great Race Divide

Much has been said about race relations, with many hoping that the issue has been subsided, only to come to a realization that it is still much an issue as it always has. Many would argue that there is no right reason as to why it is still an issue. Others, are still left living, breathing and feeling the issue.

For those left wondering why, time will only tell. After all, those who still feel the effects, say that time is the only thing that will help. Historically speaking, race has long been an issue and will always continue as some look to it as an excuse. Saying that there isn't a proper level of equality, whether it be educational or in a professional setting.

Thomas Paine says, in Common Sense, that "time makes more converts than reason." However, it is reason that may help convert more before time. With reason, we are able to draw conclusions with critical thinking before allowing time to take its course. More important, example has more followers than reason.

Example just may be the tool needed to display reason in order to speed up time. For if it is still accepted to speak negatively, even in something that is thought of as nothing like music, the negative effects of example will grab hold and the ideals of progression will never grab hold. Another term that may be acceptable in place of example would be influence. Some level of influence must be displayed.

The best way to influence at times, is by the bottom up approach. Letting things trickle down, in times of today, haven't worked so well. If the younger generations influence the older generations, their example would do more than simply speed time up, but could stop it in a way.

How would it stop? Simple. By allowing a trickle up approach - all be it if everyone changed- would offer an end to the great race divide that has separated this country for years upon years. After all, it is today youngest generation that will be around for tomorrows youngest generation.

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