Wednesday, February 18, 2009

North Korea Missile Test, An International Crisis

North Korea is planning to test a missile, within the next three weeks, that is capable of reaching the continental United States. The Taepodong 2 missile is also capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

The last time the Taepodong 2 was tested, in 2006, it fell into the ocean shortly upon launch. For North Korea, this test would mark a milestone if successfully carried out as it has never achieved its maximum range, let alone be successfully tested.

A senior US Defense official, reported to FOX News, “They appear to be serious. This is no bluff.” Also saying, “It could look like an attack on the US, but it won't be.”

Serious or not, The US Navy is taking them seriously as they have put their Aegis radar anti-missile defense system on alert. Their intelligence is seeing the North Koreans move components for the missile launch into place over recent days in North East Korea.

This may seem as a publicity stunt to some, even as a US analyst reports the North Koreans seem to have noticed the world's response, or lack there of, to the recent launch of an Iranian satellite – and wanting to “join the club.”

This is a serious matter, either way you look at it. The US Administration will be sure to keep their eyes on it, as well as the Navy will be watching and waiting for the cue to intercept the missiles.

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Shane Vander Hart said...

Hmmm... perhaps it will come close enough for us to show the North Koreans how we can blow their missiles out of the sky.

But I'm not worried because after the One sits down with them they will be throwing flowers at us rather than firing missiles.

Tongue firmly in cheek.

Daniel S said...

Excellent point Shane.

Either way, I still think this is of concern - whether on the US or someone else.

Critical Thinker said...

"Hmmm... perhaps it will come close enough for us to show the North Koreans how we can blow their missiles out of the sky."

That would be nice if the Dumowits would have quit opposing SDI. I don't think they could ever wrap they brains around concept even if was only used once and successfully it would probably save millions of lives. Hopefully though we will never have to find out.

Critical Thinker said...

Almost forgot, good post, Dan.