Tuesday, February 24, 2009

President Obama - Address to Congress

Tonight, President Barack Obama addressed Congress.

Here are some notes that were taken while he spoke.

There will be more to follow during the coming days.

Starts out address with trying to scare people and follows it up with "hope."

Says country has to pull together and show responsibility. The government is piling up debt.

People will see a tax credit April 1st.

Presses recovery website.

Says his plan won't work if banks won't lend money. Then he talks about people fears again.

Talks about a loan program that will make it easier to get loans. Must start lending money to people.

Says that they will need more money. Also says that if not then it will be worse than of is now.

Says his job is to govern with responsibility.

Says that eventually our economy will recover.

Budget next week
Energy Health Care and Education
Industry needs to be kept here
Says wants plan to cap carbon emissions.
Says must recover auto industry but won't come without costs
Health care reform cannot be put on hold any longer.
Wants to seek to cure cancer within our time.
Will start health care reform legislation next week.
It cannot should not and will not wait.
Every child will have access to a quality education.
Schools need reform.
Dropping out of high school is not an option.
Government will make sure people can go to college.
If you give service you will get help for college.
Education responsibility starts at home.

Need to bring down deficit.
Line by line budget reform. 2 Trillion?
End tax breaks for the wealthiest 2%

Suffering from a debt of trust.

Raise pay for troops and aid to veterans.

The world cannot meet threats without America.

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