Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Housing Crisis?

A housing crisis? Get real! There is NO better time to buy a house than right now. The ignorant government keeps slashing interest rates thinking it will spur the economy. The only portion of the economy that should be booming because of it is the housing industry. Interest rates are at an all time low people. Not to mention all those STUPID people who are loosing their homes because of their lack of knowledge to read the fine print. Instead, they looked at what their monthly payment would be and thought they could afford more. Do I feel bad for these people? Not really. They did it to themselves, and now so many people can profit from it. They are so caught up in that they may lose their home, instead of getting off their rears and refinancing or taking advantage of some other stupid person that did the same as them. So many people have blinders over their eyes that they cannot see and think outside the box.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that doesn't take responsibility and blames someone else for their problems. All these people looking at losing their homes blame the lenders. The lenders blame the government. Who should the government blame? They should stop all the blame-gaming, and also stop trying to fix everything. Let them lose their homes. Maybe next time they won't get themselves in such a predicament. Let the lenders reap the profits from the stupid instead of having them do write-downs. Look at where all this ignorance has gotten us. People are losing big amounts of their 401k investments and the stock market tanked badly.

My point is this. We are not having a housing crisis, but instead are having a housing boom! What we are having, is a load of stupid people show just how stupid they are. So I say to all those people who made dumb choices, THANKS! Keep up the dumb work, because the smart ones out there are making out like bandits.

"Dumb people are dumb because the keep doing the things that make them dumb. Smart people are smart because they keep doing the things that make them smart."
(quote taken from Neil Bortz, and adapted to fit this message)

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