Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Troops: Support and Concern

Tonight, I wish to address you on the topic of our Troops. I am slightly two sided on this issue, being that I have worn the uniform to support my right to speak what I may. I may come across as skipping around a little in my support and concern, but I hope that I can get my point made.

I have a deep love for the Troops and what they do. I support the missions that they endure, and the hard work they put in to protect out freedom. Which they do at any cost. Do I support the war in Iraq and Afganistan? I am not sure. I am elated that Saddam is, and no longer will be, in power. I am glad to think that one day, Iraq will have a government led and chosen by the people and for the people.

My concern is that it won't end anytime soon. Take a look at some of the other tours of duty that our military has to endure. Korea, Kosovo, Panama, Germany, Japan, Africa. That is just to name a few, but do you see where I am going with this? We started small campains in those countries, and look at where it has gotten us. How many years have we stayed in the likes of Korea and Germany? At least fifty years. Who is to say that we won't be in Iraq and Afganistan for thirty, forty, even fifty years? No one can say. We can all sit back and say that this or that worked, but the real issue is the Troops and the impact on them. And also a less direct impact on national security. With so many Troops deployed all over the world, the few that are still here at home are too tired and spread too thin to cover our failing borders.

So I ask you another question. How much longer do we need to stay in Iraq and Afganistan? NO ONE knows! I am tired of hearing those on the left say that they want a Troop withdrawl. I want a Troop withdrawl also, given the right time. I am tired of hearing about timetables and dates when this of that will happen. The true art of war is not letting the enemy know what you are going to do! Tell the enemy when we will shot, and they will wait to kill us the next day. Does that make sense to you? Not me. The last time we made war public, this country was striken with scandal and embarassment. What war was that you say? Vietnam. The war these brave men and women fight today is an even more modern version of Vietnam. Take the control away from the government and let the generals command this operation. Take control from the media and give them something possitive to talk about. I am getting off topic a little, but I hope that you understand what my perspective is coming from.

I ask that you support the Troops, and offer your concern. Stop letting the broken government and ignorant media run this war, and put it back in the general's control. Take the time to understand that we may be in Iraq and Afganistan for an undetermined amount of time.

Support the Troops! They support you!

Thank you, and God bless.

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1 comment:

Michelle said...

I too support our troops and all of their selfless acts to protect us and our way of life. However, I do not support war. It is an unfortunate necessity at times because the leaders of the world make it that way. I am a hippie tree hugger and I don't understand why we can't just all get along. :)I think you were trying to say that the media should butt out ... and I totally agree. The people don't need to know everything and shouldn't. It is much nicer to live in ignorant bliss :)!