Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Name Game

In light of the media and where they have taken this election is ridiculous. I am ashamed to say that they are doing nothing but acting like a large spoon in an over sized pot. How crazy are they for spreading this "information."

I am almost on two sides of this issue. First off, the media is now blasting over their waves a picture of presidential nominee Barack Obama in local African garb. I am supporting him because this shows that he does have, all be it little, some diplomatic experience. This is something that all diplomats do when visiting foreign countries. Take a look at the times when President Bush visited Africa. He dawned the local garb, and nothing negative was mentioned over that. Take a look at the millions of people that visit Hawaii. They wear what traditional Hawaiians wear, and it is looked at as tourism. The diplomats for the US are doing nothing but representing the billions of Americans that would do the same thing given the opportunity.

What I don't like about this picture that has been circulating, is the amount of "fear" that is being put into the minds of voters. In my opinion, this "fear" is promoting racism also. Which leads me into the name game that Bill Cunningham has provoked. First, I will list out a few names.

CBS - Clinton Broadcasting System
NBC - Nobody But Clinton
ABC - All Bill Clinton
CNN - Clinton News Network
John Jaun Pablo McCain

These are all names that Bill Cunningham has used, and also referred to as news networks. He has also used the name Barack Hussein Obama. Which is his true given name. Is that wrong? No. Is the context in which it is being used wrong? Yes. The context in which it was used to strike fear into those listening, and also incite a bit of racism. He was playing on the fear of many Americans that this country would be led by an Islamist. Which is racism. Should a persons religion play part in an election? No!

Using one's full name is one thing. Using it in the wrong context is wrong. You don't hear Mr. McCain be referred to as John Sidney McCain III. After all, that's his full name. Why are we not using it? Does it not strike enough "fear"? Allow me to ask another question. What does this tell us about Bill Cunningham's true character? I think it says a lot, and I also think it shows how much we can take away from what he says.

On another note, let's just sum all this up with something Mr. Obama borrowed from one of his collegues: "Just Words."

He hits the nail right on the head. They are just words.

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