Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I am ready for a change!

I logged on tonight with full intentions of going absolutely insane over the events last night for Super Dumper Tuesday. What can I really say without having a microphone? I was honestly sickened over the negative BS that was plastered all over the airwaves! McCain - Is that all we have for a hope? I am afraid it is. I wish the media would portray this race the right way, and fully expose McCain't for the piece he is. For quite some time now, this has been a two man race. With Mitt Romney in a very close battle against Mike Huckaby, McCamnesty is outright stealling votes from these two hopefulls. Why did I say that? Take a look at McCains history and where he stands on the issues. Am I the only one to see that John McCain is in fact a Democrat? Where is the true Right Wing support on this issue? The media has gotten one thing right, and that is that this election will go down in history. That said on a few different levels. Either:

1. We have a female win. (I can't refer to her as a lady or woman.)
2. We have a black win. (I wish it were Colin Powell that would have been the first.)
3. We have a Democrat running in disguise as a Republican win.

Is this a class swapping sides, if you will, like we did at the time of the Kennedy era? What do we as American voices need to do to battle this. Is our only hope for change Barak Obama, since that seems to be the theme for this election? If America want true change, then we need to stop electing the same ignorance into political office again and again! I don't know about everyone else out there, but I want my voice to be heard. Most of all, I actually want to make those changes a reality. Think about where the Clinton legacy has gotten us: NO WHERE! Think about how loooong McCain has been in political office and where it has gotten us: NO WHERE! I'll tell you what they did get us. The Clinton legacy got us nothing but a scandelous embarassment throughout the world. John McCain got us, and will get us if he wins in November, another ump-teen MILLION illegal imigrants that have/will get "amnestisized". I am tired of seeing hard earned tax money go to funding these antics. No more money for the support of illegals. No more money for those sitting on their rears collecting welfare. No more money for all the wastefull spending government programs. More money to securing our borders and the removal of ALL the illegals. More money for a proper eduacation system. More money for alternative energy studies and becoming self-reliant on oil use and consumption. A more stable and continually increasing economy that is not over-shadowed by foreign countries. What DOES this country need? It NEEDS change. It NEEDS someone that CAN change it. What does this country NOT need? It does NOT need the same people that it has had to continue to further corrupt and embarass this country even further. Let's voice together and unite for the CHANGE that AMERICA really needs!

I am Dan, and I approve THIS message!

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